Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vancation - Tuesday, July 24th

It's totally not raining!

And why is it that I ALWAYS forget to pack sunnies when I go somewhere?

I walk the little trotters off of N to get to Kits (Kitsilano) beach where I sadly discovered that Kits Pool is closed due to the “Labor Disturbance.” Sigh. The garbage folks are on strike. I forget about strikes. They are something we study in history in the US and every once in a blue moon someone threatens to go on strike. For like a day. Anyway. Our kind landlord is hustling our dirty diapers to the dump for us. Not everyone else is so lucky.

We did walk on to play at the playscape and I promised another beach trip, complete with toys, after lunch. N counts 11 cargo ships out in the bay (BOAT! His brother yells! BOAT!) and is eager to look for crabs on the beach, now that he knows that the beach isn’t scary. On the walk back for lunch, we stopped at almost every bench to rest his feet. I’m such a mean mommy. He was delighted though, as we walked along and found pockets of wild blackberries to munch. He was so proud to bring a handful of nearly ripe beauties home to dad.

I raided the nearby toy store for beach toys and the rest of our afternoon was spent in sunny afternoon delight at the beach, digging, scooping, pouring. Smith and I swapped off reading chapters of Harry Potter.

Salmon for dinner! and we set off the fire alarm again. Nothing says dinner's ready like the fire alarm going off.

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