Monday, September 10, 2007

Something else to gross you out

The other night I was awoken at 12:22. Not by a child. Not by any neighborhood activity. Not by Smith's errant phone beeping an "important" calendar reminder.

Nope. By a cockroach. In my bed. ON ME.
I bolted out of the bed (understatement of the year) and watched it scurry over and around the other occupants of the bed before disappearing over the other side.

Perhaps the worst part of the story, a testament to how totally out of sorts I was, is that after it was out of sight, I crawled back into bed.


Sinda said...

It's just like putting the towle down over the urine / vomit / whatever, crossing your fingers, and getting back in bed. You've got to SLEEP!

Jennifer said...


When I was a freshman in the dorm, I remember one morning I heard my alarm, stumbled to the shower, and was just facing the spray when la cucaracha tumbled onto my face and crawled down my naked body to the drain. Needless to say, my screams woke up my roommate and my 2 suitemates, none of whom had an 8am class like me!

Agent X said...

Wow - I do the towel over the urine thing nightly! I would sleep on the couch if it was vomit though. I could totally sleep after a bug.

peevish said...

I like your label. And Jenn, that is a horrifying story.