Tuesday, October 23, 2007


You are supposed to take each letter from your (blogging) name and give a little food fact to go with it: (from Sinda & Lisa, you busy little posters you!)

can I do the I first? For ICE CREAM?!

I - Ice Cream. Without a doubt my favorite. I think it all began when I had my tonsils out. After I was wheeled out of the room "where they hurt little girls" (apparently what I said about going into surgery) I was in bed staring at this tray full of lunch and not wanting any of it. The nurse saw my expression and offered: "You can just eat the ice cream if you want, you don't have to eat your sandwich."

It was downhill from there.

While touring Europe with Smith, I remember eating ice cream almost every 4 blocks in Spain. It was hot and it was cheap and oh! look! let's try this flavor!

The VERY FIRST THING I do when I get to my parent's house is check the freezer. Although lately, I can usually just touch the freezer and know.

It doesn't take much ice cream to satisfy me sometimes. A spoonful is often all that is needed (and all that I have left in the carton.)

K - Kiwi? King Salmon?
Let me come back to this.

R - Rice. It is simple. It is sweet. It is savory. It is in sushi. It is in soups. It goes with everything.

S - Salmon. We eat a bit of this in our house. A signature meal is "Smith cooked salmon" (marinated in tamari and mirin maybe a little citrus), rice and steamed broccoli.

K - kielbasa? kumquat? I'm still mulling this one.

P - Pierogi. Harking back to my Polish heritage, I ate a lot of these growing up. Smothered in butter and onions, with heaps of sour cream. My Great Aunt Louise made them the best. Almost a paper thin dough and edges that never popped open. I got to see her make them once, but it wasn't enough. My dad and I make them together sometimes for Christmas Eve dinner. Not a full Wigilia, but a start. We get a nice little assembly line going. We like them stuffed with potatoes and a little cheddar cheese - although he says to be "pure" it should be farmer's cheese.

Y - Yogurt.
I ate it every morning for breakfast while pregnant. And spoonfuls during the day to ward off nausea. I am hooked on Liberte from Canada (although with Vermont cow milk. go figure.) It is thick and luscious and has interesting combos: Pear and grains. Plum and walnut. Coconut is dessertaliscious!

There. That's it. Kneading is such a therapuetic cooking event - so much more so that chopping or stirring. With chopping one must pay close attention and move quickly. With stirring, one gets lost in the hypnotic gestures. Kneading is a blend of mind mixing with body. You have to pay attention, but not it's not like you are going to lose a finger. You also have to move, but gently or firmly, you can decide. SLAM! roll and push.
And then the results! Bread! Dough! The smell of dough rising in the kitchen is enough for me.


Sinda said...

ooh, nice ones. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I love the way you mixed it all up. Just finished mine tonight. It all makes my mouth water.

peevish said...

Knead=brilliant. I love to knead.