Monday, November 05, 2007

Bad Mommy!

Did I have a child who had a birthday 3 months ago? and did I post the gory details and photos? no. bad mommy!

Jaybird turned 2. He dug it. Here's the photos to prove it.

you can just make out him saying "pooh-ta!" upon discovering his new puppy shirt.

apparently I didn't get the memo on the new shirts. I'm too busy ogling floor lamps.

big-sister-in-a-pinch Hannah helps open a goody.

partners in crime building a "diaper nest." I'll end the story there...

Somebody's got their eye on cake.

part I - this boy has gotten the candle blowing out trick nailed.

part II - so you think you're man enough to cut this cake?

may I have grown-up cake pleeeeeeeasse?!


Sinda said...

Great pictures! I completely forgot Lisa and I wore the same shirt that day - we look like bookends to you on the couch.

peevish said...

Thanks for the photos. They are wonderful.

And you are just so busy actually being a Mom, that you haven't had time to do this post. Not bad, never bad.