Monday, May 05, 2008

In your eye

I have been dealing with an eye infection for the last two months. It is not the usual variety of itchiness, redness etc. It is really just a red bump on the inside of the lid. Sometimes it bugs me, sometimes it doesn't.

The eye doctor described it in great detail with a lot of names until it dawned on me what he was really saying: "you have a pimple in your eye." Given my acne-rich history I shouldn't have been surprised. His first remedy was to run lots of hot water on it and rub it. If that failed, he had a prescription for me.

So I've been on the running the hot water and gently massaging course for close to 3 weeks now. Guess what? Now I have two pimples in my eye. So I went to the pharmacy to fill the script. Guess what? $98 smackeroos.

I bet if I had eye pimples in Canada the eye drops wouldn't cost as much.


peevish said...


I promise not to laugh at you this weekend. Much, anyway.

Hey, check out my verification word:

That sounds filthy.

Sinda said...

hard boiled egg on the eye, or spoon in hot water. Hazel gets them sometime.

Jennifer said...

I hope the expensive drops work, because sometimes those cysts need surgery to resolve. Yikes!

peevish said...

Oh, Michael had that surgery!

loop dilu said...

um, I'd say go with the egg.
or the canadian citizenship.
sure do miss you!