Thursday, June 05, 2008

Since we last spoke... (entry #1)

Wow. No posts since May 5! And geez louise! posting pictures from EASTER!!! What HAVE I been up to?

Firstly, I'll say that my eye is MUCH better, and without the $100 eye drops. Thanks for all the input and advice in the eye department.

Oh! Look! It's Doraguy! I'm all about the random pictures today, aren't I?

In this one, you can see her spectacular tank and the water plant that has taken it over. You can also see the most beloved backsplash that Smith installed. (I did blog about that, didn't I?)

Secondly,We finally got a new bathroom!

The bathroom that we've limped along with since we bought the house - the one with the leaks, the cracked and falling off the tile and the toilet that can't flush by itself --- sad that my 2 year old instinctively goes to lift the lid off the tank to manually flush all toilets --- she's finally gotten her face lift. We found a lovely Scot to fix her up and make her worthy of bathing in. Which I will never get to do since we...

wait for it...

Here's a little shot of my mom while you hold your breath. She's showing off her ladybug tattoo. (relax! it's temporary. It's HER mom (my late gram) who had the real tattoos.)


peevish said...

Ok, those Easter eggs? Breathtakingly gorgeous. Doraguy lives in a tree house. And I love the photo of Marie. Saucy!

I'm glad you finally made it back online.
More please.

Jennifer said...

Glad you are back. What a lovely gaggle of colorful eggs!

Anticipating your next post...

Amy C Evans said...

your mom is the absolute best