Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Animal Analagies all Around or Watch out nature, here we (don't) come!

photos from our last trip

Well. It is Spring Break and in a feverish moment a few weeks ago we booked a campsite at an old favorite: Lost Maples. We haven't been back since we lived in Austin the last time (the first time?) What a perfect time to go with the kids! They are old enough now to make camping a more manageable (ie, out of diapers AND potty trained.) And with Spring Break we have more time! It's so pretty there! Everyone I talked to that likes to camp had fond memories of camping there.*

But all they had left were primitive sites (ie, park the car and haul your gear down a trail to a very remote campsite. Out in nature!) Sure! Fine! Smith and I primitive camped there last time! It'll be great. A friend loaned us an extra camping backpack. We'll haul the stuff and the kids will just have to make the maybe mile? maybe 2 mile hike in. We can do this!

And then the days crept by and we made our menu and went shopping and gathered the gear into piles for each backpack.

It wasn't until last night that Smith and I finally came to the realization that we are CRAZY to haul 4 people's worth of stuff and food and WATER for 3 days to a campsite 2 miles from our car. AFTER driving 4 hours to get there. It was sounding like less and less fun. More like taking a cat camping.*

So we chickened out.

Today in lieu of driving those 4 hours, we are building a vegetable garden. Maybe we'll pitch a tent out back next to it tonight. And later this weekend? We found a place to squeeze our tent in between some RVs at Bastrop. Maybe we'll hear some nature over the white noise of generators... Our desire to camp will not be denied! But it will be modified.

* One friend shared her less-than-fond story of deciding to bring the family cat camping... you can fill in the rest of the story yourselves.


peevish said...


Hahaha. See, this is how we are different. I would never have been high enough to book the campsite in the first place. I applaud you both for wimping out.

Viva la hot & cold running water!

mr man said...

viva the building of a garden. all houses, green and brown should have one. put a gold star on with your other five.

you're a posting fiend, of late...

Vetmommy said...

You made the right call on the camping. We used to be die-hard primitive campers, but you may recall about 18 months ago we went camping in an RV. I used to look down my nose at those people but found I LOVED IT with small children. A stove, a potty, a shower, blessed AC - all necessary for those of us so far removed from our former camping experiences by many years and now children.