Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Books from People

I love to read, but I don't often buy books (yet have untold hundreds on the shelves.) The library is a fabulous idea, but I get overwhelmed. I wish there was a netflix for books, because when I walk into a library or a bookstore the few books I was hoping to look for fly out of my head and I'm lured in by pretty covers. I walk out with nothing.

It is purely by the grace of my friends that I read anything worthwhile. I thank Sinda for introducing me to Laurie King and Jasper Fford, and by way of Lisa, Dorothy Sayers. Just recently I opened a box from far-flung Lisa with books (and a bird because apparently I am drawn to bird objects) inside.

Isn't she the swellest? I thought of her as I went to Recycled Reads today (the second store for the Austin Public Library.) I was scouting out some world book encyclopedias for $100. Apparently another parent at school beat me to it. But the store was LOVELY! SPACIOUS! and it's price point was right up my alley: $2 for hardback and $1 for paperbacks. I walked out with another Dorothy Sayers.


Cathy Seary said...

Of course you could call your local library and ask them to pull books for you and just walk in a pick them up. Just saying from your librarian friend in NY!

peevish said...

My library has a place in their online service where you can make a list. Like an Amazon wish list, to help you remember. Also you can place books on hold online, then they e-mail you when they are available for pick-up. I'm pretty sure you can do this in Austin.

Thanks for keeping me old. XOXOXO!