Monday, April 06, 2009

Nutter Butters!

(no not those.)


Apparently this recipe comes on the back of some graham cracker boxes. I never saw it. But a friend brought them camping and I've been turned. In truth, I have no recipe, just a vague listing of ingredients, which of course I immediately supplemented. (if you know anything about my cooking, "winging it" is more than a saying... I come from a family where a mistake (ie my family's "Polish Mistakes") of a recipe turns into a favorite dish)

so the main ingredients are: graham crackers (broken/processed/smashed to crumbs), peanut butter and honey
and I might add: dates (processed to a buttery paste), raisins, flax seeds, molasses, wheat germ, coconut, ground almonds

today inside each of these gems is one chocolate chip. why not?

Mix everything until it is likely to stick together when you roll it into a ball. no cooking. yer done. Snack at will. And don't say I never posted a recipe.


peevish said...

I may have to try these, since I have a Costco-sized box of graham crackers, and the girls like anything they can roll into balls. But they would insist upon more than just the one chocolate chip.

loop dilu said...


Vetmommy said...

I can't take the nutter butters anymore!

Ahem, I mean, please post so we have something else to look at.