Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you give Kris a cup of hot tea...

she's going to want a cookie to go with it.

And if she has a cookie with her tea, she's going to want to read the newspaper.

And when she's done with the newspaper, she'll want to gaze out the window at the falling snow.

And when the snow has stopped, then she'll pour another cup of tea.

And if she has another cup of tea, she'll have to have a cookie to go with it.

what are you doing on this snowy day?


peevish said...

I made cookies (the famous chocolate gingersnaps) and bathed the dog.

This morning I realized he will be stuck out side ALL DAY in the snow and dirty dirt today while I help with Science Fair at school.


I should have waited to do the bath.

Sinda said...

Does he wallow? Moki wallows. Bo is fastidiously neat.


My captcha is "respr" which makes me think of Vesper which makes me think of gin, Lillet, Eva Green and Daniel Craig all at once. YUM.

Agent X said...

that sounds like the give a kitten a cupcake book that Xander loves...