Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you are married, every day is Valentine's Day

Let me start out by saying that I love this man:

Our heart day started like a charm: valentine card exchanges, candy, leisurely reading of the paper, ricotta pancakes (specially worked into heart shapes) and then a decision for a family hike. ah.

We started the hike in calm 63 degree weather. About 5 minutes into the hike, things changed dramatically: winds kicked up big time and it dropped to somewhere in the 40s (confirmed once we made it back to the wind-free interior of the car.) I'm just really glad that it didn't dump rain onto us.

Upon returning home, Smith noticed that our makeshift greenhouse had succumbed to the wind and was fluttering away. He suited up to tackle the repairs while I started dinner. (late.) Just as Smith steps back inside, I'm adding some boxed broth to one of the 3 things I've got working on the stove and squoosh! I squeeze too hard and broth pours all over everything, including down INTO the knobs of the stove, thereby causing them to repeatedly short out and start to smoke... Smith is the quick thinker and bolts upstairs to throw the breaker. Thus begins the emergency fix of our dinner making mechanisms with q-tips, a hair dryer and the extraction of the oven from the cabinet... The kids are at this point, hungry, cranky and interested in the repairs. Grown-ups are grouchy. I think, this is the time for a movie! So I set down to get things set up for them to watch on my computer. Uh-oh. Old disk won't come out. Uh-oh. Computer won't shut down. Uh-oh. Computer won't turn off. Unplugged. Uh-oh, computer won't start up. Uh. Oh.

Smith sees my dismay and leaves me to tackle the rest of dinner in the microwave and the newly shoved back in oven while he addresses the much-feared "black screen" which is now the only thing the computer will display.

Dinner turned out pretty good considering, but I will admit to being afraid to start the dishwasher afterwards...


Sinda said...

I guess I haven't spoken to you yet this week, huh?

I saw Smith's tweets about blow drying appliances, and now all is revealed. I'm glad he was able to restore everything to its rightful condition.

Happy V-Day!

peevish said...

First: what an awesome photo!

Second: Um, next year's V. Day is bound to be way better, right?