Thursday, February 04, 2010

What Procrastination Looks Like At My House

This is what I did this week instead of cleaning out the closet.

You can pick your choice of captions:

"It looks like you ran out of paint."

"Uh, you know they make brushes to do that."

"Kris? I think a Leprechaun just threw up in your bathroom."

One cannot see the detail from this image that each of those green-hued dots is individually placed by my right forefinger. One at a time. Pretty much took all day.

I updated my profile TWICE on facebook. Unprecedented.

Oh. and I made cookies.

I also contemplated an entire blog post about my "new" hair.

The closet in question. Be thankful my camera wasn't wide angle enough to peer around the corner.


Sinda said...

I could tell they were fingerprints, because I clicked to enlarge the photo. Holy shit. I bet it was nicely meditative, though.

OF COURSE you were on FB while I was away & offline - figures!

MMM. Cookies.

Love that hair.

That closet is pretty stunning. Can you add notes to it - tell us what we're seeing? I think that would improve the user experience.

peevish said...

Those are the loveliest procrastinations I've ever seen.

And, of course, posting about them? Yet another procrastination.

loop dilu said...

The closet must stay--It's done wonders for your productivity.

(green prints so lovely!!!)

Vetmommy said...

The bathroom is awesome! Anna and I love it, but our fav. color is green. Anna says you should have let someone help you, because it looks like it was fun to create. (I think she is wishing you'd asked her to volunteer!)

Anyway, the room and the cookies and the posts and the hair are all way more rewarding than tackling that closet. Good choice.