Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Funny Things

If I ran into you this week, you've already heard this story, sorry.

Smith & I had a busy Saturday morning, where I was returning from my thing just as he was about to leave for his thing. He was literally pulling out of the driveway as I was pulling up to park. Technically speaking, an adult was on the property the entire time. But in that 30 seconds of unsupervised time, I walked into the house to find:

child #1 bleeding and crying

child #2 had put a stepstool on top of another stepstool and was on his tippy toes to reach the Dove chocolate in the pantry


In lieu of watching the superbowl, the boys had the treat of watching PBS's Nature program while the rest of us yelled "who dat?!" in the other room. They were of course very enthused. Nbear shared with me later what they watched:

"They had a naked mole rat on the Nature show tonight! I can't figure out why though, because it was a show all about ugly animals."

ah. the first lesson on beauty and the beholder. Here he is beholding his newly adopted "Justin."

The stuffed version looks waaaay cuter than the real thing. click if you dare.


Sinda said...

They were all pretty jazzed about the naked mole rats when I went in at one point. I asked if there had also been a star nosed mole, but sadly, the answer was no.

Vetmommy said...

Blimey, that is a homely creature!

Anonymous said...
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