Monday, May 10, 2010

April. In Photo Collage Format.

My desire to post weekly has been usurped by busyness.

First and foremost was the boy's camping trip. As in, no girls allowed. For a splendid 3 days/2 nights I had the most spectacular time all by myself. I was responsible for only myself, cleaning up (or not) after only one person. No schedule. Whatever I felt like doing. And I felt like going out and eating sushi and watching Hot Tub Time Machine. And I felt like doing a boatload of homework (part of my busy-ness has been taking web design classes. I've succumbed to the dark side.) And then I felt like going to a friend's party, but never got there. Instead I stopped by his house and scared him.  Probably the only time I'll ever be able to say that. We stayed up late talking about horror movies. yippee. it was splendid.

This was what was happening with the boys:

Then came Nbear's dance debut. His class has been learning the fast moving styles of Bollywood dancing, courtesy of another parent, and had been invited to dance at the Dragon Boat Festival.

Then there was Nbear's piano recital.

Goofing off afterwards.

Posing with the maestro(a?)

Baba & Grandpa came up that weekend for all of the nbear festivities and we helped Baba celebrate one of her own: a birthday! We stuffed ourselves silly at brunch and then at the end of our busy day we had cake and the customary candle licking (does everybody do that?) Happy Birthday Baba!


Lisa said...

Lovely post about busyness.

It'll be wonderful to see you all soon!

Sinda said...

Lovely - idyllic, even. Happy (late) Birthday, Marie!