Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ode to: My Best Friend's Ex-Girlfriend

Regular readers will note I mention Sinda a lot.

I've known her now as long as Smith. eons. She's been our binary star: when we move, she moves too (our Dallas was her Houston. Our San Diego was her San Antonio...) We graduated the same year. We got married around the same time. We've each had two kids. She's decisive where I'm indecisive.

She's played RISK with Smith and so she knows what I've married. She's my personal adviser - the girl I call from the dressing room on my cell phone (she then pulls up the item I'm trying on online and weighs in.) She knows everything about this town -- I call "austin information" when I can't remember how to get to the old moxie before it moved, or to cafe mundi...  she patiently re-spells the name of that cocktail we tried last night.

She's also my spontaneous friend - one phone call at the last minute and we are off! (and usually she has a suggestion of her own to make whatever it is we are doing more fun or with more people.)

Last year I started keeping a list (she likes lists too) about all the things that she does that have made my day; a small token of thanks. Hopefully this will help make her day a little brighter today.

Here is the list of those days.

January 6th -- Gave me the idea to make green chili stew with our leftover pork loin. It was awesome.

January 10th -- Sent me the CSA newsletter so I could figure out what the heck came in my bin. We still couldn't decide if they were beets? or turnips?

January 24th -- Noted that she had been juicing all the oranges from our CSA bin. The oranges had been rather smallish and ugly. But they made for a tasty treat as juice! Also inadvertently led me to start drinking grapefruit juice. AND liking it.

January 29 -- Brought red wine to pizza night. I thankfully slept like a log.

March 11-- Posted her link-laden blog post with the puff pastry recipes, the literal white wedding video and the incredibly hard to read story about children being left in cars.

April 18 -- Loaned me a fancy spring dress to wear to the fancy Ganesh Gala.

Aprilish -- "Sent me the memo" about the ultrasonic face scrubber. (After a super fun girl's weekend sleepover/Bond film extravaganza I noticed that everyone whipped out their high-tech buzzing ultrasonic cleaning tooth devices. I complained that I didn't "get the memo" that everyone had suddenly switching from the standard manual toothbrush.)

May 28th-- Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me tickets. Haven't laughed that hard in AGES.

June 21th-- Introduced me to the idea of the "shitzer." [to paraphrase: "to reduce the amount you drink, next time add a little club soda to your wine; aka a sprizter. Make the next one without the wine!" that's what we called the "shitzer..."]

July 15 -- Came up with the plan to shop. then have drinks. then go see the Harry Potter movie!

July 29th -- Again, with the great ideas: Clay Pit happy hour before seeing 9 to 5 and Working Girl.

Aug. 1 -- Urged me to at least try one thing on at Nordies. Found the dress I love on the way to the dressing room.

Aug 7 -- Loaned me a fancy frock (again!) to wear to my reunion.

Aug. 11 --- Sent me the blueberry buckle recipe with lemon syrup.

Aug. 30 -- Made crackers for a party that I didn't truly get to enjoy until the morning after. They were the perfect thing for breakfast. [Growing up, I would look forward to raiding the leftovers from the night-before-bowl of popcorn from my parent's grown up parties. It has forged my fond relationship with stale food.]

Sept 10 --- STEAMED okra. then sauteed with ginger and scallions! a revelation.

September 20 -- Finally just gave me that dress that I've been borrowing all year.

September 28 -- Girlie lunch at the 4 seasons followed by shopping.

October 4 -- With a smile sent me sale airfares to Canada.

November 14 -- Bought me a glass of champagne at the opera La Boheme.

January 7 -- Sent me pictures of the basset hound/golden mix ready to come home on craigslist.

January 7 -- Invited me to the community table dinner at uchi.

January 16  -- Hosted a girls sleepover to say hello to Lisa.
Introduced me to my new cocktail -- the Maple Leaf, or as I call it with a shot of cayenne: The Spicy Cannuck.


Sinda said...

Um, Wow. You're blowing me away over here. First the title - I really did laugh out loud, ask Angela. Then the list - KRIS! How are you so organized and KIND? Also, who slacked off after January, you or me? :)

That list is really sweet. Good memories.

Humble thanks, friend.

Jesse said...

Now I feel even luckier! Thanks!

Lisa said...

I hope blogger will let me post my comment this time.

First off, wow. 2 posts in as many days? impressive. Also that list= impressive.

very sweet. I hope you had a great birthday, Sin!