Monday, November 01, 2010

Boo Ya'll!

Is it bad that I'm starting with the cupcakes? probably. Earlier this month we got in the mood by turning these Nanacake chocolate multigrain cupcakes... er muffins....

into spooky skeletons!

And the big day involved a little bit of sewing for me. Nbear decided to be a Ninja, in perfect keeping with his desire to dress up as real people: Carpenter twice, Fireman, Policeman and a soldier.  Jbird was a knight. Check out the shiny suit. For the picture he threw in some fangs so spice things up.

We made our rounds with our friends which included a mummy in a complete state of unravelling

and the proverbial vampire victim.

My friend Bud will be very disappointed that I dressed up as nothing but a mom standing in the street while the kids made the rounds. Some just like to do things a little bigger. Literally.

Hope yours was happy!


Sinda said...

Did you guys carry N, or make him hobble?

Lisa said...

Never hesitate to start with cupcakes.

I hope you all had fun. Again this year, our school is collecting candy for a local dentist's office. The school gets $1 a pound and the troops overseas get the candy. And I get the candy out of my house.

mr man said...

Hey, zombie-vampire kanigghts are ... or were real people, too. And how did that vampire get that angle on her neck? Maybe you should refer him/her to your favorite orthodontist ...

Krispy said...

He was transported by wagon and dad's shoulders, and briefly, a haywagon, because the hood we treated in is totally about the haywagon.