Friday, December 10, 2010


I have survived the surgery to install a new ACL in my knee. Of course while the Dr. was in there he was kind enough to fix my meniscus, a fractured femur and remove a random chunk of bone that just happened to be in there. Anyone out there missing a chunk of bone?

In my usual fashion of fun drug non-compliance, my recovery has amounted to the fine art of balancing pain and side effects. When the side effects are greater than the pain, it's time to try the next one. Today I am happy to report that I'm on to Tylenol. My mom, who is graciously here lending a hand, was quick to point out that I could start drinking again if I timed it right. Learning from the master. The Tylenol will probably not result in my irrational itching (something that seems benign until it happens to you,) falling asleep at random, being severely dizzy (not a fun challenge on crutches,) and having a head that felt bigger and higher than my knee. At least the feeling that my toes were "growing together" seemed to pass quickly.


Sinda said...

I'm glad your toes have separated again. We missed you last night- hope you were happy on your own?

Lisa said...

Was the itching localized or all over? It could be an allergic reaction. That's how I found out I am allergic to Codeine.

Here's to a quick recovery!

Also: a fractured femur??