Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas tree and spirit abound!

This year we took the leap (plunge?) to fake tree. Today is the day set aside to install her. Who knew that would involve rearranging our entire living room? That is what is occurring before my very eyes as I sit, resting on my sofa perch. I have a saintly husband. He may not always effuse a fountain of holiday spirit, but his wielding a vacuum, rearranging rugs, swapping out chairs and sorting musical instruments is just that. Thank you my dear!

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Lisa said...

I hope you love the new arrangement. We have had a fake tree for years now. We upgraded to a nicer, slightly larger 6 foot one a few years ago. It is great! So convenient, pre-lighted, and no need to water it or dispose of it after X-mas. And no stray needles to clean up, either.