Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Singin' In The Rain

I have Sinda & Lisa to thank for dragging my behind out to finally go and see/hear Ani DiFranco in concert last week. She is a lovely singer and her body of work tremendous (and somewhat intimidating. where does one start?) Buddy Wakefield opened for her and he was a blast. He's a spoken word artist and if you have a minute to listen, you'll enjoy it! ("guitar repair woman" & "convenience stores" are my favorites.)

Lisa covered the experience of the night beautifully here. Ditto babe. Except the part where I had to pee - because I could manage to wait until I could unpeel my jeans in the privacy of my own home. I ran into someone who RODE HER BIKE HOME after the show though. SHE was cold.

This past weekend I had another utterly delightful treat - a day at the spa. My mom and her dear friend schlepped up from Houston just to make me feel special. We had a wonderful time. Even if no one laid a finger on me all day, I was happy. It was a beautiful spa on the lake, a perfectly clear, cool day and the company was fab (and the children were elsewhere for several consecutive hours.) But people did lay fingers on me and they rubbed my aching back, hands, toes and face until I melted. I chose a "coffee scrub/massage." It took me almost two hours to decide on a massage and somehow I narrowed it down to this one. I like the smell of coffee; this massage would lift my spirits? But part of me also started looking twice at the coffee grounds as they went out my back door to the compost. Surely the fine coffee being rubbed on my body will look a little better than this...

I should say that it was more than a day at the spa that made the weekend so awesome. Saturday we went to my favorite nursery. That evening the wonderful and inspiring sitter, Miss Aimee! arrived to relieve us and we wiled away the eve at a lovely restaurant. Smith ordered something called a pisco sour to drink. It looked like a hairy eyeball. We ate and laughed and drank until we could do no more.

Now it is late Wednesday eve and I can feel the last ebbs of relaxation drift away as my email software goes wonky, my body is unshowered and the dishes sit in the sink from dinner next to the coffee grounds left from breakfast... But it is raining, it is green, it is fall and the highlight of my day was seeing the large spider on my front porch drain the life out of a moth until it was nothing but a withered husk.

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Lisa said...

That is an interesting ending note. I sometimes feel like that moth. I remember feeling even more like that back when i was nursing, like the baby was literally draining me of energy. But I know what you mean about enjoying the green view through the window. Finally!