Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election/Anniversary Rundown

[clarification: I'm sad about the governor's race. Congress & our local props, are all great news.]

I saw the poll results and was so dismayed that I had to leave the room and come console myself in the arms of the Internet. and listen to some music.

sigh. so. to change the subject.

Doesn't J. look wicked grown up? No babies here.


3 days until the Regina Spektor concert - my next cultural outing. I feel like a live music lump in ye olde live music capital of the world. I'm hoping to make t-shirts in honor of the event. Lisa was kind enough to accompany me (despite illness) to the lesser hobby store (Hobby Lobby being closed on Sundays) to buy iron-on transfer paper.


Last week we celebrated our 10th anniversary. or rather, we noted the occurrence in passing and have begun our year-long celebration. There is illness in our house - a gunky cough that seems to favor the male members of the household. I spent the "big day" at home with 2 kids who - by the grace of the saint of all that is snotty - napped with me for 3 hours nap. Smith came home from work after a foul day. And then - this is the big love part - watched the first episode of Dr. Who. When I got Smith hooked on Buffy and clogged our netflix queue with episodes, he decided I was Who-deficient. At the time, the Who was soooooo far down our queue it wasn't even worth worrying about. And now it is here. [ahem. next stop: netflix queue.]


Ever wonder what I would look like buck-toothed (again) with a double-chin? Look no further. N has captured the possibility in digital wonder.


sinda said...

No, the election results were GOOD! You just forgot that you live in a RED STATE because of our ALL BLUE COUNTY. Try to keep forgetting it, I do. :)

Love the pix.

Krispy said...

I posted a clarification. The governor's race was the first thing that popped up on the news last night and it bummed me.
And you're right, it's hard to be blue in a red state.

Lisa said...

That last picture is sweet!

Slash said...

Yes, you must manage your expectations in Texas (or Oklahoma) if you're not a Republican. I voted Kinky (sorry if that bums out any Democrats RE splitting the vote and giving it to Perry, even though he got only 39%). It would have been awesome to have a governor named Kinky. But at least I can say I voted for a guy named Kinky. How often do you get to say that? In California, maybe, but in Texas?

I think your pictures are sweet. Nobody likes the way they photograph, plus most of us don't have the benefit of flattering lighting and expensive makeup artists, hairstylists and designer clothes. My pictures always look like I'm at the DMV. Or a Turkish prison.