Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Haller Ween

Can you see the spooky cavities in the teeth of the pumpkin? Oooohh!

Halloween seemed easy this year. N went as his stand-by favorite: a construction worker (no. NOT bob the builder) complete with overalls, toolbelt and tools. Hardhat and toolbox were left on the porch. Steel-toed boots were passed over for sandals... I wonder how many years we can milk this costume?

I, too, had a repeat costume in my youth: a geisha. Considering that it was usually barely over freezing come Halloween up north, it was an ideal costume that mom didn't nag me to put my puffy winter coat on over. (ah, those tiny ballerina and princess costumes of my peers didn't look so pretty under a coat.)

I had great designs of making (as in, sewing) a costume for J. But that didn't happen. But after peer pressure (the kind variety) from Lisa & Bud, I crafted the swellest (and the all-time cheapest) costume ever out of a onesie, some tape, some cupcake paper thingees and some staples, et voila!

quote of the evening from N: "Look! Godzilla is destroying Nokyo!"
(those are buildings taped to his shoes)

After the tricking and treating, N laid out his bounty and sorted by type. He studied the packaging and whatever contents he could see with great interest. When we put the booty away - in a high place so J couldn't get to it - he pipes up and says "Where is the candy from Luke's birthday party? I didn't get to eat it all!!" (You're right honey, that candy? gone since June, but thanks for remembering...)

All was quiet this morning while N was settling in with his yogurt. Then Smith notices J camped out on the floor in the foyer with some tiny remains of foil in his hands and the look of a wine connoisseur on his face.


Daisy said...

Great Godzilla!! And I like that he found some treats all on his own.

What about you - din't you reprise as well? :)

Lisa said...

I love that spooky jack-o-lantern!

Slash said...

That Godzilla one is one of the most hilarious outfits I've ever seen... attaching buildings to his feet - GENIUS. Better even than the annual David Letterman Show Halloween costumes thing.